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This website exists to help and support families!  This is a place on the Web designed especially for Prince Edward Island homeschooling families.  Its two core features are the province-wide Calendar of Events, and the Event Notices that members can view online, and also receive via e-mail.  Some parts of this site have restricted access, which explains why non-members will not be able to view the populated Calendar of Events or detailed Event Notices.  One must be a member to view the entire site; for more information on joining, please visit the "Membership" page under the Home tab on the menu to the left.

Feel free to contact us at any time with your feedback, suggestions, submissions or technical questions by writing to us.  We will respond to inquiries as soon as possible, however please keep in mind that we do the best we can with the time that we have available.  We also now have a Facebook page, so feel free to stop in, say hi, leave us a comment or submit a question. :-)

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APRIL 2014

Despite the cold start to spring thus far, we here at PEIHomeSchool know and affirm what warmer weather is approaching with each passing day and with it, all of the joys of new life and different seasonal activities. If homeschooling is something that you have been considering, if your child is struggling to learn, or having a hard time with the status quo, be encouraged that there is no 'bad time' to try home education. You are invited to join the website to be kept informed of events and activities, and to connect with other families for support and encouragement.  Learning happens all the time; it is not relegated to a specific location or season, and it does not require million-dollar budgets or armies of 'experts'. Consider that until just over 140 years ago, it was customary and expected that PARENTS would be the primary teachers of their children....and they still can be.  There are so many wonderful, detailed and varied resources available to parents today to assist in the education of their children, from a myriad of books and manipulatives, to video/audio resources, high-quality educational websites, and co-operative web classes where students and instructors interact and work on assignments online. And academics are just part of a child's education; when you homeschool, you get to partner with your child in learning all of the other life skills needed to help them become well-rounded people. There is nothing like sharing in these important experiences with your child, and making their growing up years as meaningful and memorable as possible; homeschooling helps make this possible.

Next Homeschool Meeting RESCHEDULED: Charlotte Mason Study Group - THURSDAY, MAY 1st from 7:30PM - 9:30PM near Montague


You DO Have A Choice...

If you or your child are not happy with how things are going on the educational front, you are welcomed to join this site and request more information (please read the Membership page and the requirements carefully, as not doing so could delay approval of your application).

The benefits of choosing home education are countless and profound. Homeschooling has been around for a long time, long before state-run institutions took over this task, and it has produced some of history's best leaders, scholars and thinkers.  It can and has been done by millions of families all over the world, in varied circumstances and countless ways - it can work for you too!